Top Tips for Choosing a Backyard Pool for Seniors

The benefits of swimming as a low-resistance exercise for seniors are well-documented. As mobility reduces, however, it can be challenging to make the pilgrimage to your local pool regularly, and you may wish to have a pool installed in your backyard for convenience. This handy guide will help you to select the ideal backyard pool for maintaining a healthy senior's aquatic exercise regimen.


Depending on your exercise requirements, it is important to have access to a pool area of a suitable depth. Many exercises tailored for seniors aquatic fitness, particularly aqua aerobics, require the water to be at around waist or chest height. In this case, you'll want your backyard pool to have a decent-sized flat area where the water is 1.2 metres high. Ensure that this area is not sloped, as you will have less stability on a sloped pool floor. If you're interested in doing deep water exercises, such as knee raises, overstriding and deep water jogging, you'll also want a pool area at least two metres in depth. It's highly recommended that you measure the ideal water height for your personal needs prior to purchasing a backyard pool.


The ideal recommended water temperature for exercising is between 27 and 29 degrees Celsius. Any warmer than that and you'll find yourself tiring easily, and you may require a longer recovery period following exercise. A pool that is too cold, however, may cause strain or injury, particularly in seniors with arthritic joint pain. As such, opt for a heated pool with a good-quality water heater and thermostat controller. Consult with your local pool contracting expert for advice for how to keep your pool at the optimal temperature for your health, safety and budget.


In order to avoid serious injury, it is vital that the flooring in and around your pool provides adequate grip underfoot. Non-slip flooring, such as a rubber composite or aggregate in your pool area will help make your journey to and from the pool safe. You may also want to consider installing anti-slip rubber step treads on the underwater steps in your pool for added security upon entry and exit. A ceramic aggregate finish for your pool internal flooring provides a textured, slip-proof surface that is easy to maintain and visually-pleasing.

For expert advice and assistance in choosing the ideal backyard pool for your low-resistance aqua workout, consult with your local swimming pool construction specialists.