4 Ways to Remodel Your Swimming Pool

When you have a swimming pool in your background, there may come a point when you want to improve its overall appearance or function. The following includes a list of different ways you can remodel your swimming pool to make it more fun and aesthetically pleasing. 

Resurface the Pool

This is one of the bigger pool renovations you can complete, but also one that makes the biggest impact. Resurfacing your pool might need to be done after you have had it for several years. You might need to improve its look and function, or you may simply have a larger budget over time and be able to go with fiberglass or another surfacing material you prefer. Resurfacing a pool might include strengthening it with plaster or using aggregate combined with different shells or stones to add colour or interest to the pool.

Add Water Features

Another excellent way to remodel your swimming pool is to add more water features. If your backyard has the room for it, consider adding a slide. This is a great option when you don't have a deep end that is deep enough to accommodate a diving board. A slide is the next best thing and can be made fairly inexpensively. It is fun for kids and adults when you want to enjoy your swimming pool even more. You can also increase the look of your backyard by adding a waterfall feature that also goes into the pool or by installing a hot tub if you don't already have one.

Install LED Lighting

Having better lighting in your swimming pool can also make a drastic difference. Consider remodeling the pool by installing LED lighting. This not only gives you illumination when you want to go swimming at night or simply enjoy the look of the lights in the pool, but LED lighting comes in different colours as well. It offers a unique look every evening when the lights go on. LED lighting isn't difficult or expensive to install, but it makes a wonderful impact in the aesthetic appeal of your pool and makes it safer for nighttime swimming.

Remodel the Pool Deck

Not all remodeling is actually in the swimming pool; you can also improve the pool's appeal by remodeling the deck itself. This might include expanding the deck to cover a larger area of your backyard, adding new flooring tiles on the deck, or simply resurfacing the deck to make it look a little better. Also consider working on the landscaping around the pool to create a tropical oasis in your backyard.

If you want a more extensive renovation with an existing pool, consider contacting a custom designer pool contractor. They can either build a pool from scratch or start with your current pool and expand on its overall design. This is a great way to get the pool of your dreams.