Swimming Pool Balustrades: Considerations for Ideal Material Selection

If you are redesigning your outdoor swimming area, you should consider upgrading your pool fence or balustrade. This feature is essential for improving safety in your home, and it is a compulsory installation according to critical home building regulations. In general, there are numerous factors that you must evaluate before building the perfect balustrade. The most critical of these aspects is the material used to construct the safety barrier because it will affect the long-term performance. Here are the most important considerations to help you identify the best material for your swimming pool balustrade.

Strength and Durability 

Your new balustrade should be strong and resilient for optimal performance. In simple terms, this structure is intended to act as a barrier, so it should not be vulnerable to breakage when exposed to weight and pressure. Ideally, you should choose materials which can withstand mechanical force without damage. For example, steel is a good choice for the normal home. The material is extremely resilient and relatively inexpensive compared to alternatives. Unfortunately, it is vulnerable to deterioration when exposed to water due to rust. Therefore, you should select materials which are both strong and not prone to damage as a result of environmental factors. Suitable choices include stainless steel, aluminium, glass and hardwood. In addition, consider the quality of the material, not only the type.


The appeal of the swimming pool balustrade is an important factor. An attractive feature will enhance your outdoor space, particularly for entertainment. Moreover, it could increase your property value, earning you more profit during resell. The visual impact is the most important aspect of aesthetics, although you should also think about the feel of the surface. If you would like maximum flexibility with regard to the balustrade's appearance, you should choose a material that allows customisation. For example, steel, timber and aluminium can be coated with different colours to match your preferences. If you would like minimal disruption of the view, you should consider the glass alternative.

Maintenance Requirements

All construction materials require some level of long-term upkeep. The right material choice should primarily depend on the amount of time and labour that you can practically capable of provide for your balustrade in the long run. Low maintenance materials include glass and stainless steel. These typically require regular light cleaning for optimal performance. Aluminium and galvanised steel will require cleaning and coating touch-up while timber might need periodic refinishing in addition to the other practices.

Finally, consult your pool contractor for material selection guidance for the best results.