What Features Do Infinity Pools Come With?

Typically, infinity pool builders will offer several standard designs which can then be adapted to meet your particular needs. Since infinity pools create a sense of endlessness between one or more sides of the pool and the horizon, they often need to be tailored to make the best of the view they are facing. The position and height of the zero-edge sides are crucial for creating the right effect. That said, even standard infinity pools can also be decked out with features that make them even more one-of-a-kind. What features might you consider asking your infinity pool builders to include when they design yours?

Fast or Slow Draining Basins

One of the key parts of any design that infinity pool builders will include is a zero-edge side over which the water will spill. This will feed a basin beneath it which acts as a reservoir so that the pool's water is not lost. The basin then allows the spilt water to flow back into the main pool. However, the level and angle of this edge can create different effects depending on the design. You might want the water to flood over the top to create a dynamic effect with lots of splashing sounds — ideal for an exciting pool which kids will enjoy. However, if you want a calmer swimming experience, then ask for a serene zero-edge feature which will only allow trickles over the side since this will provide a much more serene ambience.

Glass Walls

These days, glazed walls are commonplace in many outdoor pools. If you combine a glass wall with your pool's zero-edge side, then you can create a superb visual effect, especially if your pool overlooks a lake or the sea. Infinity pool builders use specially reinforced glass to hold the water inside. You can opt for various tinting effects, too, if wanted. Glass walls are not for everyone, however. If your infinity pool will be overlooked by neighbours, for example, then you might want to consider another sort of feature.

Underwater Lighting

All sorts of pools benefit from underwater lighting but this sort of feature looks especially effective in infinity pools. Opt for light fittings that are placed deep below the surface rather than close to it. Otherwise, they can interfere with the sense of infinity if they light up the zero-edge wall. Remember that underwater lighting makes your pool come alive at night, particularly if you have colour changing LED lights fitted.