4 Ways to Remodel Your Swimming Pool

When you have a swimming pool in your background, there may come a point when you want to improve its overall appearance or function. The following includes a list of different ways you can remodel your swimming pool to make it more fun and aesthetically pleasing.  Resurface the Pool This is one of the bigger pool renovations you can complete, but also one that makes the biggest impact. Resurfacing your pool might need to be done after you have had it for several years. Read More 

Top Tips for Choosing a Backyard Pool for Seniors

The benefits of swimming as a low-resistance exercise for seniors are well-documented. As mobility reduces, however, it can be challenging to make the pilgrimage to your local pool regularly, and you may wish to have a pool installed in your backyard for convenience. This handy guide will help you to select the ideal backyard pool for maintaining a healthy senior's aquatic exercise regimen. Depth Depending on your exercise requirements, it is important to have access to a pool area of a suitable depth. Read More 

Swimming Pool Equipment: Different Types of Filters

The swimming pool is exposed to different conditions, so it is susceptible to contamination by foreign matter. For instance, you will find dust, general dirt, debris and even litter in your pool water. These materials are usually brought in by the wind or the swimmers. Therefore, it is important to have a reliable filtration system in your water feature to eliminate these contaminants efficiently. Basically, the pool should be fitted with a filter to remove all the insoluble particles. Read More 

Advice on how to keep your swimming pool well maintained

Having a swimming pool in your background is a great luxury. It adds value and prestige to your property as well as being a great way to exercise and unwind. However, swimming pools need to be maintained regularly if they are to be kept in presentable and usable shape. It can be very easy to let a pool become grubby and unattractive, creating an eye sore in your back garden. Here is some advice on how to prevent this from happening. Read More 

Avoid These 4 Common Swimming Pool Maintenance Mistakes

Swimming pools are fantastic, but failing to properly maintain them can turn the experience of ownership into a nightmare. Make sure you don't fall foul of these common maintenance errors. Taking too Many People too Often When people first get a pool, it's common for them to celebrate by inviting people over all the time to make use of it. This usually goes double if you have kids. What this means is that plenty more people than normal are using your pool, which is fine, but you need to compensate by using more chlorine. Read More